Sergio Rozas

Working in the audiovisual work since 1995. He has worked as assistant art director, photographer, storyboard artist, graphic designer, prop maker, prop master, matte painter, 3D texture artist, graphic artist, poster designer, D.O.P, editor and occasional director.


Founding partner of USER T38, as editor he has cut countless commercials, corporate videos, short films (some of them with awards for editing), 2 feature films and a piece of other.

Miguel Burgos

He has been working for more than 10 years in User, focusing his career on editing but also working as a director and smoke artist. As an editor he has worked in both advertising and film. It has edited more than 50 commercials, 4 films, several short films, trailers and credits scenes.


As an Smoke artist he has worked on nearly 10 films and several commercials.


He organizes every year an Spanish Film Festival in Havana joining his two passions, cinema and travel.